Professional production equipment to serve you better

With our professional production equipment, we are able to produce high performance zero defect products, that can satisfy most customer requirements. Our manufacturing is highly sophisticated and advanced in compliance with international manufacturing standards.


Cylinder Liners manufactured by the "Centrifugal Cast Process" is acknowledged to be the best method. In the centrifugal casting process, the molten metals is poured into a mould which is revolving at a high speed. The centrifugal force causes the metal liquid to distribute itself evenly around the mould, then filled and solidified, so as to obtain the compact structure of the casting, which helps to improve its inner and outer diameters in terms of uniformity and hardness. Adopting mature material standards, it achieved the highest order of A type graphite pearlite structures. Strength of extension of cylinder liners all reach national standards for qualified products at over 200MPa.

Production Equipment

Our Workshop which includes, CNC machines, boring machines, turning machines, hydraulic automatic honing machines, platform honing machines, centerless grinders, inspection equipment, marking machines etc.

All these ensure excellent in processing precision and stable in size, while maintaining high quality standards.

Inspection Equipment

In order to ensure the quality of our products, we have professional equipments such as, a spectrograph, a metallographic microscope, a hardness tester, etc. and full set of chemical testing instruments for carrying out chemical analysis like carbon, silicon, manganese, chrome, sulphur, phosphorous etc. of the raw materials, and routine quality inspection.